Today's lineup

Jeff Kent is back in the lineup again today. Still not sure what the corresponding move is, but we’re working on it right now.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Kemp, LF

Martin, C

Sele, P


i have a problem with t.j. simers putting blame on josh because of the odalis “worthless” perez fiasco… the only person to blame is mr. soul glow, and i hope that he is an ex-dodger very soon…


Wow. This lineup looks so good w/ Kent back in there. Having Kemp and all his power in the 7 spot is very nice.

I say, no big trades. Lets keep the cheaper, younger guys. I think Billingsley will shore up the rotation when he arrives.

back to 3 rookies. I think Aybar has been great but why bat him before Kemp??

I think Aybar is batting before Kemp because he can bat LH between two RH batters.

I’d be interested in knowing the rules for when roster moves must be made and how. This almost sounds like the team can fax in a change to the league office, etc., just before gametime. Is that the case?

I like Sele in petco park.

Wow, with the exception of the pitcher’s spot, there really is no weak part of this lineup. Pretty scary to go against when Jeff Kent has the lowest BA 🙂

Strong looking lineup, but I agree with cosmow123, I’d rather see Kemp behind Kent.

Demote Perez, promote Billingsly!!!

Yep like this lineup. Everyone’s protected except Kent and Martin, but you have to pitch to Aybar to avoid Kemp, and if you pitch around Kemp you’ll have to pitch to Martin or risk having 2 on with the pitcher up.

Assuming Sele will keep us in the game, this line up is one SD should fear !! I’m looking forward to a great game !! Now if I can only convince the wife and mother in-law not to interrupt !
Go Dodgers !!!

see that laroche is in las vegas, since we are all such huge dodger fans and follow the draft, and the minors, one thing I would love to see is the promotions of players.
a breif blog on who is going up, or down and some insight. as always please do not trade our future. can’t understand trading a very good prospect for a rental player, then let the rental go at the end of the year. 2 nd teir players, that are blocked by our best prospects, and getting draft choices(like 2 for weaver) makes some sence. it is nice getting first round draft picks, white does a great job with the draft. also see that slot money only goes to round ten, so we can make a run at #14, white. any more draft signings?

Aybar is there to get on base in between Jeff Kent’s and Matt Kemp’s home runs.

Hey Josh,

Simmers kinda stuck it to you huh? Thats whack! You gonna give him $50?? I say you do it, just to mess with him.

The point he made about Vlad and comparing it to Odalis…man, what can you say? He’s right…and I’m embarrassed. Im truly sad that he’s on our team. But I know we can’t really do much about it.

Let us know if you have some words with Simmers!

It appears that Gagne went on the DL. He is missing on the Gameday roster.

I think they should send Aybar down and let Guzman continue to play. Better yet, trade Aybar and Perez for something worthwhile. Aybar is just a stop gap till LaRoche is ready anyways. Give him a future somewhere else.

Furcal made 2 errors in the first inning. While that’s still not that much of a surprise, Cesar Izturis made an error in the first in Vegas, his first on his rehab tour.

Let’s see what this lineup can do. Sele gave up four runs, none earned. It’s amazing what $40 million can buy.

Hey Ray, here’s one to give you hope:

Russ Ortiz, designated for assignment, at a cost to Arizona of over $20,000,000.

well patriot, i hope the dodger brass is paying attention and pulls off something similar… at this point, anything is better than trotting out that mud-slinger every fifth day… and as for the trade talks, it would be ridiculous to trade my kids for the washington nationals clone of odalis perez, keep the team together and let them grow…


Izturis made his first error in 10 rehab starts tonight. After the 10th game of the regular season, Rafael Furcal made his 4th. Pitching and hitting in the minors are completely different levels, but you can’t tell me that major league ground balls are that much harder to field. Unless the Dodger offense comes in with a killer rally, which of course is actually quite possible, the loss will go to Aaron Sele. Granted, his control was off tonight, but Furcal’s 2 errors in the first lost the game for the Dodgers.

With the difficult choice of a Gold Glover and a guy who’s on pace for 38 errors on the season, I hope Grady can make the right choice about a starting shortstop. For tonight, I’m watching the AAA game on Gameday instead. Laroche slugged out his 2nd homer in AAA tonight, Vegas up 4-2.

Perez needs to get his head out of his a**. Excuse my language, but this is ridiculous. I’m beginning to believe not a whole lot of LA fans have much respect for him. GET HIM OUTTA HERE!

it is hard to hang on to first place with only penny and lowe starting well. don’t think we can replace the other three all at once. perez and seo remain the worst in my mind. remember our trades are what is hurting us most. long live the release.



Sele could have made it through 3 outs, but it’s a lot to ask a pitcher to get through 5.

Well, Odalis and Seo out of the bullpen. When does Chad come up?

And can Guzman get in a start at short just to see if Furcal can play somewhere else?

To refer back to my little leauge Days “We need a pitcher not a belly itcher”(in perez’s case a bellyacher)and in the defense of Sele furcal gets this loss.I’m glad to see Kent back but i know its gonna take him a week or 2 to get Hot again.I believe in the Chad here’s your chance dude!I also believe in Izzy and just hope Grady will see How much his pitchers improve with Izzy running the middle. That 3 run shot would have been an out if Repko were there but lofton is an awesome #2 hitter.We Have to have more infield defence to get our style of pitching back to the dugout thats the bottom line as I see it. Bases would have been empty if the SS did the gold glove job that he is filling in for.Don’t even get me started about the leadoff bat because Izzy will post better numbers coming back from being hurt as he will walk bunt squib poke as well as line onto base instead of this bs hit a shot into semi deep center that has height to fall into a glove(seen that too many times already).Leadoff hitter has to be fast smart and lucky and know his job is 1st and 2nd base hit it or steal it home plate for you is # 3&4 hitters job.Too much to rant about… this team needs to jell and I think Perez and furcal are not helping the cause. New day let’s get em Penny has been very very good and better since he refocused.Go Blue!!!

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