With a name like Tydus…

One of the great baseball names, Tydus Meadows, was recently transferred to Double-A Jacksonville when we sent Oscar Robles back to Vegas. Rather than go in the tank, he responded with a 5-for-5 performance last night, including a homer and two RBI. Meadows came to Spring Training as a non-roster invitee, but was injured much of the spring and did not get in a Grapefruit League game.

To enter the contest to win four new baseline seats for an upcoming Dodger game by guessing the Dodgers’ first three draft choices, click here. However, I realized last night that this is a very tough assignment, given that none of us has really had the chance to see any of these guys play before. So, while you’ll surely be rooting for the guys you guessed would be picked, it’s really only our scouts who have a true idea who our best bet is at each slot.

Happy 33rd birthday to tonight’s starting pitcher, Derek Lowe.

Sad end of May to Nomar Garciaparra, who made quite a case for player of the month honors.

Welcome back, Eric Gagne.

Home winning streak back on the line…


TJ Simers has a pretty good piece today putting Brad Penny’s incident in perspective.


Josh, please let us know if T.J. Simers ends up going to the Clinic at the Compton Academy tomorrow. I’m interested to see if he’s going to take you up on that challenge. And let’s continue this streak at home!

Josh, how about some background info on Sergio Garcia at Las Vegas? I remember him getting invited to play for the Freeway Series in the beginning of the year and he looks pretty solid with the 51’s. How about a piece on him? Thanks.

I sincerely hope Lofton is not playing tonight– and Kent is.

I assume you want Lofton to rest? That guy has played very very well for us, its great that all these young guys are hitting, but guys like lofton are a very big key to us winning. He has the experience, hes a HUGE asset at the top of the order, and its partially because he is there that the rookies (who are not under as much pressure to perform) are playing so well. He has been almost, as money as nomar, really. He is hitting 0.313. I dont know too many guys not names Pujols who dont struggle for some part if not most of their rookie year, keep that in mind- its a long season.

Lofton could use a rest, and Kent playing tonight would demonstrate that he’s not going to the DL. Kent is a veteran too, and having him in the lineup takes a lot of pressure off the rookies.

Obviously it’s about the veterans taking pressure off the rookies. It has nothing to do with the abilities of the players themselves. It’s about scrapiness, toughness, manliness, and clutchiness.

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