Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Cruz, CF

Saenz, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Seo, P


If anyone has access to todays SF Chronicle Sporting Green please take a look at the front page. It seems the Giants have a new salute to each other. Not a “high-five” not the Bash Brothers forearm, not a even chest bump. No, none of these. The ’06 Giants touch each others “ET Finger” to celebrate a play well made, or a win. Interesting.

I assume this is a scheduled off day for Nomar? I understand everyone needs an off day perdiodically but man its tough to see him not in the lineup the way he’s swinging the bat.

Grady is wise to rest the vets – Lofton, Kent, Drew, Nomar. Saenz is a good offensive replacement for Nomar even though it is difficult to see him out of the lineup. It is a long season and bench has to be used and productive. Nomar will pinch hit if the circumstances are right.

I’m surprised to see Martin going still. He’s only had one game off since his callup. Sandy Alomar hasn’t caught a game in almost 10 games now. Is Alomar healthy, or is he going on the DL when Navarro returns?

Excellent defense, except for that error by Aybar. You can’t argue with the fact that the kid is hitting nearly .400 though. Nonetheless, 2 outfield assists at the plate, 3 double plays.

Game ball to Jae Seo, though, for retiring his last 13 consecutive batters, and on 84 pitches. He probably could have gone the distance.

I think we should play Oscar Robles more often at short stop….

was their a contest for guessing the first 3 draft picks this year. I think the dodgers may try for
7 claytin kershaw lhp. his perfect game the other night may get him drafted higher 15 batters faced 15 strikeouts.

26 we need some catching help in the lower minors high school catcher hank conger, from huntington beach cal. switch hitter with power. at 18 he would be about 5 years out. plan ahead.

at 31 kevin mulvey rhp villanova, good pitcher, losing record,sound mechanics 23 bb 88 k’s. are others I like but dont think they would be there at the times the dodgers draft, like tim lincecum, david huff chris parmelee, would like to see dodgers draft dallas buck from oregon state in the second round. also if we don’t sign hochevar do we get another supplemental pick.

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