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Some of you might have seen this article but in case you missed it, another interesting piece was in today’s Rocky Mountain News. Though it didn’t really break new ground for die hard Dodger fans, this is the sort of article that you’ll see a national reporter like Jack Etkin write when the Dodgers come to town. So, when we were in Denver last week, Jack spoke to the various people in this article and summed up our last six to eight months.

This is also the reason why you’ll notice stories in the Daily News that usually have something to do with the team we just played. Tony Jackson writes a national weekly notes column and this past weekend it had to do with Coors Field and the cut in run production there.

Also, for you writers out there, the Daily News is running an online contest that gives you the chance to cover the Dodgers for a game at the end of the season. A pretty cool idea if you like to write.

And, while we’re at it, does anyone have any good suggestions for new chants at Dodger Stadium? While I love seeing the fervor of Dodger fans, I can’t help but think that we can come up with something better than "Angels ****" or "Giants ****." At least something a little more creative or family friendly, don’t you think?


The chant I know the best isn’t the 3 beat boom-boom-clap (a la “Hee Seop Choi”), but rather the longer one, similar to “let’s go Dodgers” clap-clap-clap-clap-clap (apparently “flaxseed oil” was also used there). Here are a few ideas with that one (other rhythyms are in parentheses):


Angel gets ejected:

“Where’s your halo?”

For the name Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

“Your name’s too long”

Angels in a cold streak:

“Fallen angels”

Bartolo Colon on the DL

“Where’s your fat boy?”


Barry Bonds

“Can’t get Sid Bream”

Barry Bonds

“Where’s that weight from?”

Barry Bonds

“What’s your hat size?”

The Giants’ outfield

“Over 40.”

In honor of AT&T park (3-count)

“Switch to Sprint!”


Team in general does well (3 count)

“Frank McCourt!”

Nomar (3-count)

“Batting gloves!”

Nomar (2-count, nonstop)


Runners on 1st & 2nd, nobody out

“3 run homer”

Rafael Furcal, Kenny Lofton, Jason Repko on base (3 count)


I don’t know what happened to it, but I remember in the mid-90s, there was the great “gooooo Dodgers” repeated over and over in a slow chant. I always thought that was very dramatic.

I was thinking over the weekend that a super-whiny “An-a-heimmmmm” chant over and over would be a good one. A three-beat “Dis-ney-land” (same rhythm as J-D-Drew) would also be appropriate. 😉

For the Giants, I heard one recently that was great — “Warn-ing Track Pow-er” using the same rhythm as “Let’s Go Dodg-ers.” Another that would work that way would be “Al-bert Pu-jols” whenever Barry comes to bat.

Being a father of an 11yr old and hearing Angels **** or seeing all the fights in the stands, I have to say that going to the games isn’t as much fun as it used to be. This is my first year back as a season ticket holder after many years away, but if what I keep hearing in the stands and seeing on the news about innocent fans being beaten continues, it’ll be my last year in the stands. I’d rather sit at home knowing my kids are safe. For what I pay for 4 seats in Lodge McCourt needs more security in the stands, not just on the field during breaks !!

I saw this on a sign and thought it was funny…”Hey Barry, Move your Big Head, I can’t see the Game.” not much of a chant

Someone told me about Plaschke’s article in the LA Times about the concession stands at the stadium. I finally read the article and boy, I have to agree with him. My friend and I bought one of the mini packages this season and every game we’ve been to, the lines are ridiculous. Its so hard to get a beer or even a dodger dog! a dodger dog!!!!!! c’mon. When you leave to get food or a drink you end up missing a minimum of 1 inning.

Is anything being done about this? Or is this something thats going to be ignored? Im just going to say something that Im sure is very obvious to everyone in the front office: if you dont find a solution to the concession traffic times, the fans will eat less at the park, which in turn means less money from concessions.

Im not sure if you’ve commented or addressed this on the blog already, but it would be great if you could comment on it.


I completely agree with Gary’s comments. The last time I was in town two years ago was shocking to say the least. Things have definitely changed for the worse at Dodger Stadium. Now that the team is playing well, the front office should really try their best to do something about the security. Part of the hostility issue may be due to the combination of many factors:

1. Extremely high concession prices.

2. The wait in line to spend your 40 bucks for the little bit of food you actually walk away with.

3. The time waiting in line for the priviledge of actually buying your food.

4. The fact one has just missed the only inning the Dodgers have scored big in, because he spent the past 25 minutes waiting in that line.

5. In finally getting back to your seat, you find your overpriced, sort-of-grilled Dodger Dog, is now piping cold.

6. Add to this the amount of alcohol being consumed BEFORE the game by some patrons.

7. Realizing you just dropped over 120 dollars for tickets, concessions and parking, just to watch Odalis Perez self-destruct on the mound in the fourth inning. etc, etc, etc…

I can say this from experience: the value of attending a Dodger game is nowhere near what it once was. I’ve been to nearly a hundred games in my lifetime at Dodger Stadium, and I can honestly say the value is way overpriced for the product. If people felt they got a better value for their dollar, then maybe attitudes may improve.

Sorry to hear some of the crowd is getting a bit rowdy. Visited LA for five games in 1985. The experience of a lifetime for Jamie and myself. Probably Elaine and Elanya were less enthused. However, the place was spotless, weather perfect and fans a delight. We were seated in among a group of
enthusiastic people of Mexican descent. They were fun to be with, kind, considerate and especially good at cheering. Didn’t hear an inappropiate word, see an unkind jesture or anything but fun in the sun at a ball game. I am glad that image is forever my remembrance at being at Dodger Stadium. It is unfortunate those days are in jeopardy for young families.

Patrioyacts – that’s some funny stuff. I will definitely use those chants next time I’m in town for a Dodger game.

Well Harold, you touched on one thing: spotless. Dodger Stadium does continue to be one of the cleanest venues in the world. They do keep her in top shape at all times.

Unfortunately this issue may be more of a sign of the times: diminishing family values. I can’t believe the language that some men will use these days without any regard to who they’re using it in front of. Children do not have the kind of example they should have these days… for whatever reason. This goes far beyond what happens at Dodger Stadium as well. It just seems that so many things which were once considered to be unacceptable behavior are now tolerated and considered to be the norm.

Times are changing, I’m not ignorant of that. The days of letting your kids leave the house unattended are gone. Maybe it’s the instant media I’m not sure. But when I pay good money to go to a major event the least I expect is for my family to be safe and secure. The price of hot dogs or the waiting time in concession lines will always be an issue at all major events. People these days want perfection for their money !! It’s the result of higher prices and larger crowds, which by the way are the result of higher player salaries. I suggest to anyone out there, go to a minor league game, they’re every where. You’ll find the old time prices, with the smaller crowds etc… The cost of doing business drives a lot issues, but security should be the top priority. The year before last I went to the clinching game for the Dodgers and sat in the nose bleed section. We had one individual that was clearly intoxicated move down to the rail near us in the 7th inning. Out of the blue this guy climbed over the rail, in the top section, and sat on the message board and remained there for an entire inning. In that whole stadium, not one security person, isle attendent or concessionaire came down to handle the problem. In contrast, in the very high profile star studded seats behind home plate where McCourt sits you could see dozens of security agents and LAPD officers stationed every where. Security is essential to everyone at the event and McCourt needs to spread it throughout the ballpark. That individual that was jumped, brutially beaten and hospitalized the other day was sitting very close to where we were that day a couple of years ago !! I love the Dodgers and I’ll be a fan forever, but I love my family more and will not take chances with their well being. The stadium has to be a safe place for all to visit.
Go Dodgers !!

Well Gary… maby not perfection for my money, but a better value for it. I’m paying more money to attend a game while the product I’m buying isn’t what it used to be. That’s simply my point here. There used to be concession stands which are now long-gone, where the food was put up cafeteria style, ready to buy and still hot. One would take what they wanted and then pay for it at a register at the end of the line. Time spent: 10 minutes if even that. My brother used to have season tickets on the reserved level behind home plate, and this was commonplace in buying concessions. It was easy. Things these days seem to be more difficult all around at Dodger Stadium.

By the way… that was a good article from the Rockies beat writer on the Dodgers.

Those cafeteria-style concession stands were great, we need those back. However I was at PacBell/SBC/ATT whatever you want to call it park for all 3 games of the Dodger/Giants series and man I hate the Giants but they know how to do a ballpark right. Great park, accessable concession stands/hotdog and beer carts galore. Plus flat screens with NBA playoff games as well everywhere. Lets face it, the Dodgers are overdue for a new downtown park (a-la SF, SD, Arizona, Colorado…u name it). Chavez Ravine is great and historic and all but its time for a new park…we’re not talking wrigley field here, the place doesn’t have much character and looks horrible with the new baby blue walls. Just my opinion…

NBA Playoff games?! If you want to see the NBA playoffs, go home and watch TV! When I’m in line, I’d like to see the game that I’m missing. If you’re telling me that’s what we need to do, why not have beach ball night at Dodger Stadium!

I admit to not being nearby, but I would suggest the Baltimore option. No, not get Leo Mazzone as the pitching coach, but let fans bring in food. The last time I went to an O’s game, I lost an inning and a half buying lunch, and missed the Mariners actually scoring 3 runs (despite Adrian Beltre’s help). Anyway, you’re allowed to bring in drinks in plastic bottles, and food from outside; no sneaking required. Granted they have to check your bags for security reasons, and they don’t let you bring glass bottles or cans, but the article on the concessions indicates that there’s a problem with a long term contract, and unlike Kevin Brown, the Yankees can’t come by and bail them out. Letting fans bring in their own soft drinks would be nice, especially for families, because then thirsty kids could be taken care of without missing a minute (until they have to go to the bathroom).

The one complaint I had about Dodger Stadium when I went there: the parking lot. Maybe mark off lots with player names similar to Disney world (“Ok kids, we’re in Hodges 5. Remember that.”).

**** ya I want to watch NBA playoff games, along with the Dodgers game when im in line for food. They have TV’s all over the stadium showing the baseball game as well, sorry I didn’t mention that as well. They also had the Masters on Masters weekend. I call that hospitality.

And the one thing the Dodgers have going right at Chavez Ravine is the parking…plenty of it it and relatively cheap, (compared to $25-$35 at AT&T Park) but no tailgaiting, thats the real travisty!

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