Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Lowe, P

Also, a pretty nice article today by Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times about the Dodgers and Angels.


This line up can rake. Its time to get Lowe a win.

This is my ideal lineup. I like to see this because Little is going for the sweep.

It looks good, but I still don’t know why Lofton is playing over Cruz. Any truth to the rumor that Kemp might be brought up?

Lofton should be in the lineup EVERY day he can be/is healthy. He is a winner. He is a great clubhouse guy and a good hitter who can still fly (10 for 10 SB). Hit .335 lsat year, Cruz is getting on base at a good rate- but Lofton is the guy as often as possible as far as im concerned.

I can’t imagine they would rush Kemp. He only has a quarter of a season at AA; not very good prep for the bigs. The immediate solution will be to see if Aybar can handle the OF.

Regarding Cruz – he is hitting .185 against RHP. He should be relegated to facing LHP only or go from the right side full time.

It’s a tough call between the two really, but clearly Ethier has made his case as a regular.

I really like the rookies at the bottom of the lineup. There’s little pressure, but a lot of production, and the whole block does quite well.

Sweep time.

Plaschke’s column is just as oversimplified and unfair as usual- only for once he sides with the Dodgers. The Dodgers and Angels have both relied heavily on rookies this year- true. But since the Dodger rookies have produced they’re “relaxed enough to contribute.” The Angel rookies haven’t hit so they’re the DePodesta Dodgers. Completely silly observations- even in hindsight. Plaschke has kicked the Dodgers in the shins for 5 years now for all the wrong reasons (letting Beltre/Finley/Cora/Lima go?). He doesn’t deserve any links from

with only 4 outfielders, I think Grady is doing a good job of getting all of them a good amount of playing time. Until he really fades off, Lofton should get most of the time in center. Finding the right mix between Ethier and Cruz will be Grady’s load to bear.

I agree. Plaschke is a hack. Gee, the Dodger’s start winning and the Angel’s are having tough times and he suddenly likes the blue.. Surprise, surprise. He is simly doing what he does best – kicking a team while they’re down.

I like this line up as well, speed up on top, power in the middle & good young talent @ the bottom.

Just a couple of observations. First I liked the article by Plaschke. The Angels are finding ways to lose like the Dodgers did last year. At the moment it is objective. I also liked Steve Hensen’s story that included the early info on the Aybar brothers. This of course from an east coast Canadian. Secondy, although Ray is getting excited, I hope Kemp is not rushed. There must be other solutions, as you suggest with Aybar who is willing to play OF. Kemp is hitting well but his BB/K ratio is not all that good. He is a power hitter and maybe that is part of being a power hitter but would like to see him dominate in the minors at AA and AAA. Anybody notice how god Aybar’s BB/K ratio is.Thirdly, would love to see Martin play. I started watching the Dodgers, on TV of course, when Campanella was catching. Remember other hard nosed Dodger catchers: Roseboro, Yeager, Ferguson, Pizza , Scioscia, LoDuca and now Martin. Probably forgot someone but what a string of catchers playing in Dodger Blue at the most demanding position in all of team sports. What a privilege to have watched them. Really looking forward to seeing Martin play. Go Dodgers.

I agree Plaschke, he’s a negative hack !! and so is Steiner !! I love seeing the kids play as well, but I think it’s very important that the veterns play a little more, as long as they are contributing ! As the season continues we’ll need that experience to teach these kids how to handle themselves in all the varried situations that happen over the course of a season. And let’s not forget just how important post season experience is !! These kids have no idea of the preasure that comes in a must win series !! Right now they play loose and free and try out new skills, but in post season play every little thing counts. That comes from experience !! We need these veterns this year !!

First Inning and it’s Angles 0, Dodgers 5 !! RBI Aybar and 3 run HR by Ethier
Go Dodgers !!

Another good day. Confidence must be building for the whole team. Takes some pressure off the relievers to know the team can score some runs and come from behind. Good day for the kids contributing on offense, Lofton, Lowe and Broxton. Nomar has been a super pick-up by GM Colletti. All in all a great week-end. Perhaps a sign of things to come. Noticed Loney did not play again in Las Vegas. No word but expect he has an injury of some type.

The AP story is that Lowe got advice from Honeycutt to mix his game up a little and not throw as man sinkers, and that worked. All in all a fine outing for Los Angeles.

I really like this trend, and I’m looking forward to seeing Friday’s game in DC.

I agree with Lofton being in the #2 slot in the lineup. Cruz Jr. doesn’t have the speed that Kenny does, AND as stated before, he’s a winner.

Great work by all involved today. Nomar is scalding hot!! Loved to see Ethier tee off in the first inning the way he did.

As for Euhlman, try this website link. I don’t know if you can subscribe to “Rogers” or not, but there is the ability to get MLB Extra Innings through this Canadian cable service:

First of all, Cruz does have speed (5 SB, 0 CS), but he doesn’t do it often. He was a 30-30 guy in 2001 after all. A better question for Cruz is where’s the power? He hits a homer once every 23 at bats for his career average, hitting closer to one every 26 at bats more recently. But so far, he has only hit 2 in 119 at bats, a pace of about 1 every 60! He is showing good plate discipline, but where’s the power?

What I want to know is what’s the lastest on Odalis Perez, anyway? He hasn’t pitched in over a week. Has Rick Honeycutt discussed mechanics with Odalis yet, because Honeycutt said that was the problem, but Odalis claims his mechanics are fine.

Another observation on Odalis is that he is most effective when the Dodger offense is not. In games where the Dodgers do not score a lot for him early (see April 15, April 21, April 26), he is 2-1 with a 4.15 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP, and that includes Houston, a team that just does well against him.

For all his complaints about the Dodgers failing to give him run support, I think Odalis’ best performance comes without run support, maybe because of the pressure. I don’t know why. Would I be correct in guessing that Rick Honeycutt intends to work with him on how to pitch to guys with a significant lead, and that may be why he is in the bullpen. I would think Perez is more apt to listen to Honeycutt after he gave Lowe advice which resulted in him pitching a great game.

I don’t think the alternative (start Robles, Martinez and Cruz in place of Furcal, Drew and Kent) is exactly what the Dodgers are looking for.

Perez will pitch again when he realizes what’s best for the TEAM is more important than his starting every fifth day. Obviously he’s taken his starting pitching role for granted and has let himself get out of shape. He’s put on a lot of weight over the past three seasons. he’s always had a bellie what are you talking about? wait wonder year he didn’t I just rememberd but he claimed that his shoulder would hert when he worked out so he stoped working out & the bellie came right back. shoot when I work out my shoulder feels 10 times better. I think he just likes his bellie.

TEAM is the operative word here !! What’s working for the Dodgers today is a team approach !! Perez needs to learn not only what that word means but what it takes to be part of it. Ask Baez what it means !! he’s had the worst of it lately, losing the closer role in a time of need. We don’t see him giving up or running off of the mouth. He’s taking it like a true TEAM member and doing what ever it takes to get the “W”. I understand why the Dodgers resigned Perez when they did, but I wished it wouldn’t have happen. He’s a rotten apple in the TEAM basket !! Always has been !!! It time for him to grow up !!

here is an interesting question to ponder. Gagne, izturis, repko, ledee, navarro and Mueller all come back. Who are the dodgers going to send down? Aybar, Martin and Either have all proven themselves.

Navarro needs another year in AAA, this time to learn defense. I think hes going to bea good player, but not yet. Carter may need to go back and you get the feeling SOMETHING is cooking with Odalis- maybe just a salry dump.

For James Loney played Sunday and had 5 rbi’s (3-run homer, double, sacrifice fly). The 51s won 15 to 5 (guess they learned from their older counterparts). The upper management will really earn their money when all the injured start to return. Glad they have to make the decisions instead of me.

Thanks Kevin (I’m Harold, the old guy on the block) for the info on Canadian cable service and thanks also to Dave for info on Loney. Checked Saturday’s game but not yesteday. Las Vegas had a hard time with Albuquerque for a couple of games. You are right there are decisions to be made as Cosmow pointed out. It is, however, a nice quandry to be in with too many serviceable players. Think GM Colletti is on right track with vets and kids. Something will happen with trades. I’m glad the rookies are doing well to protect themselves from trades. Would like to see the Odalis thing solved. His temperament does not fit in with the Dodgers now and his performance makes it hard to move him and his salary. I hope it is better than a salary dump. Trust Colletti. He has made quite a few good moves thus far in the face of injuries, especially when you compare last year and this year. Realizes the value of character and team play, not just stats. Best move might have been Nomar.

Dave, where did you find that game for Las Vegas? I checked. They have lost three stright to Albuquerque, including yesterday, and Loney not on lineup?

why is it that loney is not playing at las vegas? is he injured or have the dodgers given up on him as a prospect???

Can’t find out. Expect he is injured. Doubt they have given up on him. If they had they would have probably demoted him to AA.

Sorry, I misread the article on Loney. It was for a week ago yesterday. I read the wrong date.

just letting you guys know that james loney is injured, but its nothing serious, and they have not given up on him, hes hitting .360!, and hes showing power, and he did not play last night, whoever said that he had 5 rbi’s last night is really confused. that was about a week ago, so get your information straight.. and since the poncho happened, the dodgers are 12-3!…


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