Today's lineup

Just got finished with Grady Little in his morning briefing with the media. There’s undoubtedly a positive vibe with the team this morning for obvious reasons, but Grady pointed out a very important thing. He told the media that one reason the team has been doing so well lately (10 out of the last 13) is because they’ve adopted the belief that "yesterday doesn’t mean anything." Whether we win or lose, today is a new day and I certainly think that an attitude like that goes a long way.

Other updates include Eric Gagne throwing a bullpen session today. He’ll throw live BP again on Monday and start a rehab assignment next week. Jason Repko, though, could be out for another month, according to Grady, as his ankle sprain has not healed as well as we had hoped. Ricky Ledee is getting closer and so is Dioner Navarro, but both guys will need rehab stints in the minors before getting in a big league game.

Grady also stated the obvious by saying that you can’t ignore what Russell Martin has done up here and that it would be extremely difficult to send him down to the minors when Navarro comes back. Obviously that’s still a little while away, though. As for Drew’s absence in the lineup, it’s just a day off.

Today’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Cruz, RF

Martin, C

Tomko, P


Good to see Lofton back in the lineup. Let’s hope all of these guys are in there once October rolls around.

I like it. Drew needs a rest and hopefully will find his way out of his mini-slump. Kent is heating up again… raised his average over 40 points in the last week. Right hander, Kevin Gregg will be tough… he has a 1.35 ERA during day games this year. Martin is hitting left and right handed pitching very well. Ethier’s batting .333 off right-handers, and only hitting .200 off left-handers.

Go Big Blue!! Nomar is STILL tearing the cover off of the baseball!!

Nevermind the mini-slump comment. That was last week. Drew’s still hitting .297 over his past ten games. Cool!

Russ Martin should remain the starting catcher. The team started winning when he came up. He’s a better catcher than Navarro, and reminds me of Lo Duca, a guy who plays his heart out and leaves everything he’s got out on the field.

how bout my kids!… and how bout jeff weaver… boy i was wrong, i actually wanted the dodgers to keep this bum, but it turned out they didnt need this underachiving, comatose, appalling pitcher… all we need to do now is dispose of that mud-slinger, mr. SOUL GLOW himself odalis perez.. i’m tired of his act, and i dont care if the dodgers have to eat his salary in order to swindle some ****** to aquire him… well, thats enough hate for today, lets focus on the possitive, nomar is playing like its 2001.. andre ethier thinks he’s ted williams, and J.d. drew has not been afflicted with an injury… ITS ALL GOOD!


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that Aybar is the first rookie to get the 5-hole all season. Good for him.

Repko may be another month? Well, I guess Ledee will come up in good time to give the Dodgers a 5th outfielder, but any thought to trying Furcal out there with both Martinez and Robles on the big club?

I’m looking forward to see how well the guys Gagne pitches to play on Monday.

Ray’s kids playing well. Aybar just hit a three run homer. Hitting so well there is talk of using him the OF.
AS I say it looks like he can flot out hit. Is Erick Aybar of Angels his brother? Drew just homered. Now up to the relievers for two innings.

If I remember rightly, Loney hit fifth in several games.

According to, Erick is Willy’s younger brother, giving him something in common with Cesar Izturis.

Yes Im pretty sure Erick Aybar is his younger brother. Big brother definately put on a clinic today though…

Hey, can you guys who run this site give me any idea why Loney hasn’t been starting in Las Vegas?

Quick thoughts while pondering what on Earth I’d ever do without TiVo to record my Dodger games:

Confidence, confidence… Aybar has that look in his eyes at the plate: every bit as much as Pedro Guerrero did when he first came up. The kid can mash!

What a clutch pinch-hit by JD Drew!

Russ Martin… need I say more? Okay, I will! Hitless in four at-bats, he pushed over a HUGE insurance RBI in the 8th inning, hustling all the way down the line to avoid the double-play! His defensive ability is that of a veteran already, blocking balls and digging a ton of pitches out of the dirt. He has the fundamentals of the position down. Can you even imagine this kids’ talent in three or four years from now?

Furcal played well again, raising his average to .249 with three hits.

Great job by the bullpen to throw three innings of no-hit ball!

And now we have a chance to sweep the Anaheim Angels of Chula Vista for the first time since inter-league play began.

If Derek Lowe doesn’t get credit for a win soon, he’ll file for non-support… with every reason to do so!

Go Big Blue!! I love this game…

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