Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Cruz, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Sele, P


I’d put Aybar in Cruz Jr. spot, but hey, Cruz Jr. had a key walk on Wed. So I guess Grady Little was wright.

Once again that young bottom of the lineup, and Cruz in #2.

Is Lofton still hurting? JD Drew for the first time will not rest before or after an off-day.

I like the batting order— and all the right guys are in. I think this lineup has the most run potential of any lineup Grittle can put out there. Now, if he can just keep from putting Carter in the game, I’ll say Grittle had done a very good job today.

This is a good lineup tonight. Lot’s of run potential here. As for interpol’s comments, Aybar is not a #2 hitter. Cruz has better speed for that spot.

Let’s prove who the REAL LA team is tonight!! Go DODGER BLUE!!

I see your point KSS, but dons’t he strike out to much?

beating weaver and the angels would be great, like using the kids also. baseball
america says the dodgers and angles will be the top teams on 2009. using the kids now might make this happen sooner.

any news on hochevar. would like to sign him rather than lose in in a weak draft year

Draft picks are surprising. Andy LaRoche was what, 37th round? And Mike Piazza was I think the last guy drafted (62nd round!) in 88.

But how about Russ Martin throwing out Figgins? I think it’s time to make him the guy and season young Dioner a little more.

Go BLUE TEAM. Beat Anaheim!

It’s been pretty quiet in here lately. What happened to our all caps guy who wanted to string Colletti up for letting Jeff Weaver get away. Including his 4 1/3 inning gem tonight in which he gave up 4 runs, he is 1-6 with an ERA of 7.48, not exactly ACE numbers.

Yep, and Tomko is better than anyone could have hoped for.

Game ball has to go to Andre Ethier, though. After his first home run, he said he was disappointed that he didn’t hit it in a win. Well what a win for this one, and he happened to go 5-5 with a sacrifice fly, 3 RBI, 4 runs scored, and an outfield assist.

In fact all the young Dodgers did well. If you’ll notice:

Dodgers under 30 (Furcal, Ethier, Martin, Aybar): 13-22, .591BA, 8 R, 12 RBI (3 apiece)

Dodgers 30 and over: 12-25, .480BA, 8R, 4 RBI

Not just the kids even. All the Dodgers did well. Very well.

Just WOW…=)

No wonder Ethier had stars in his eyes. His whole family was in attendance tonight, including his wife, all the way from Phoenix, AZ. Talk about motivation to perform! After he fought off his first hit into left field, I saw the expression on his face while standing on first and thought he looked just a little too happy for a guy who just fought off a pretty tough pitch for a hit. We need his family to attend more home games! A 5-for-5 performance will do wonders for his confidence.

And speaking of confidence, I’m fairly certain Dioner Navarro will be a bench player from here on out. That is unless he gets traded, because I can’t see how the Dodgers could even think about removing Russ Martin from the lineup… other than the occasional off day for rest. This kid has such natural presence behind the plate. Things like footwork and positioning, which can be taught to a young player over time, just seem to be natural gifts. And he’s got that confidence thing going for him. I’ve said it before and I can’t stress it enough how important confidence is to a young player. When you have such natural ability and you combine that with the knowledge that you WILL be able to perform at the Major League level, well let’s just say it’s lights out for the opposition. I know it’s been 12 games so far for the young catcher, but there are many things going for him right now. And how about throwing out Chone Figgins tonight who’d stolen 14 straight? That was a clutch throw with fluid footwork to set up a perfect throwing position after the pitch.

So… the Dodgers are HOT, and it all started on Cinco De Mayo. A day maked with the 5th day of the 5th month of the year. On that day, number 5 for the Dodgers got a clutch, walk-off hit to win the game, and a rookie catcher got his first two hits and his first two RBI’s. Oh yeah… just in case you were wondering, Martin wears number 55 on his back. Coincidence? Absolutely… and I’m loving every minute of it!

According to the LA Times, Ethier, Martin, Aybar, and Cruz faced Eric Gagne in a bullpen session. After facing Gagne, they could clearly face anyone.

So if he can’t close games, this will work just as well.

kssparkuhl, you forgot to mention that following Cinco de Mayo, we also won 5 in a row.

great, great team win, esp against jeff weaver. really don’t miss that guy, esp since it reminded me of so many of his dodger starts. you know, the ones when he was okay to great once through the opponents lineup and then blew up, esp giving up homeruns, esp to pitchers!?!

great to see the young guns still firing, and i agree with the earlier comments about russell martin. how could he not stay the starting catcher? i think navarro should go back to the minors and work on his game rather than back up martin with the big club.

still a little puzzled about the whole o. perez situation. hasn’t he only pitched once since he returned, and that was only one inning against the giants? why not send him down to the minors if they are really trying to work his mechanics, or pitch him more with the big club, like the red sox did with rehabbing schilling last year.

Absolutely Elkim! Five wins in a row, and now we’re going to take our fifth series in a row too!

Go Blue!!

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