Today's lineup

Furcal, SS

Cruz, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Martinez, 2B

Martin, C

Penny, P


Good getaway-day lineup. Aybar really smoked the ball his last night. Ethier will need to stay focused on this right-hander… lefties are hitting a combined .224 against Jennings. Righties are hitting .339. Go Figure…


Hey Ray, some of your kids are in the lineup today !!
Go Dodgers !!

I’m interested to know why Aybar isn’t at 2B with Saenz in at 3B? It seems like that would be the best possible lineup Little could field. Of course, the Dodgers have won three consecutive series, so why push our luck and try to win a 4th?

I’m just glad to see Ethier and Aybar both in the lineup. Three rookies in the playing today? For some reason I think the Dodgers will pull it off.

Need an outfielder? I can catch baseballs 😉

Check me out at I am on track to catch my 3,000 baseball at a major league game this summer!! No really …. check out my MLBlog!!

Yesterday was a weird day = a weird line up today. Cruz Jr. batting 2nd? Let’s just win & get out of that circus they call a ball park.

Cruz Jr. should, I think, be batting 2nd. We don’t have a guy who could hit that position better. I think the #2 hitter should have some power, which Lofton doesn’t have.

well guys, i’m a little sad since my kids are finally in the lineup, but due to the fact that i’m still in school, I have been unable to watcht them… and how bout coors field?… its making jason jennings look like don drysdale… i dont know about everyone, but i used to like it when the dodgers would go into coors, and have those crazy 15-14 games…. well just as the stolen base, the complete game, or the cookie cutters (thank god) have gone away, so has the high scoring games…


Danny Baez got himself out of that one nicely, recovering well. Dodgers win.

Great pitching today. Penny’s ERA (2.53) is just unbelievable. Hopefully, Baez’s confidence comes back as we take the series against the Angels with a winning record.

Coors Canaveral has had some tinkering with their launching pad. There’s a reason that runs are down in Colorado this year: the Rockies are using a humidor to put more moisture in the baseball thus making the ball less lively. This has been approved by MLB to keep more baseballs in the ballpark in Colorado. It’s more like real baseball… just look at the game scores of the past three days.


winning a road series is always sweet. Nice flight home, a day of rest and then show who is So. Cal’s best franchise

all ‘n all great little road trip que no?

Great win today and for this series. What a nice clutch hit by Nomar – with two strikes, yet. Just wondering, do we not have someone promising and performing at the AAA level in the infield except for Aybar – not trying to get down on Robles, since he has not had that much opportunity this year at the major league level, but is there not someone else deserving a chance to prove himself with the Dodgers?

Jeff Weaver delivered for the Dodgers, and with the way he’s been going this season, will likely get the Blue Team 2 games over 500.

Beat Anaheim!


I don’t know about that, He from what I remember pitches well in Dodger Stadium, Sele’s been lights out so let’s hope he keeps it up.

the only thing i’m worried about is how ex-dodgers seem to have career games against the dodgers… they could be having the worst season (jeff weaver), but manage to have huge moments against their former team… hopefully aaron sele has a big performance himself…


According to the LA Times, Weaver realized he had problems overthrowing earlier, so we’ll have to see if he adjusted. Even then, consider that he gave up 35 homers last year, and that last year was his first major league season with a winning record.

Also notice that Anaheim does not have as strong a record as the Dodgers, and that their division is looking weak this year.

And for what it’s worth, Sele is a former Angel.

Go LA! Beat Anaheim!

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