Oye Como Va

It was just a minor league transaction, but music lovers might have taken note when the Dodgers promoted infielder Carlos Santana from Extended Spring Training to Single-A Vero Beach. The Dominican-born switch-hitter batted .295 in 32 games for the Gulf Coast Dodgers last season. He is not to be confused with this Carlos Santana. (Hey, you said you wanted more minor league stuff, right?)


Here’s an idea for you Josh:

How about giving us an idea what equipment the average player has with him at any given moment, how many uniforms a player has in rotation, both home and away, the logistics involved with transportation on road trips, etc. I’ve always wondered about these types of things, home compared to away, and the undertaking involved in preparing for road trips. It might be interesting to find out about. Thanks!

hey josh, i wanted to know what was the situation with andy laroche. i saw that he left the game early on sunday , was he injured?…


**** yea, these are the kind of updates I LOVE. What’s going down on the farm? Who’s getting promoted? Who went down with an injury? Who should Dodger fans keep an eye out for as a potential break out player? etc etc etc. If this Dodger blog can consistently fill us fans in with information like this, I would be sincerely happy and grateful.

thanks for the update, Santana did quite well in the GCL last year and I was perplexed as to why he did not make any of the A ball rosters when camp broke. Its good to know hes going to be skipping Columbus and heading to Vero.

Whats the deal with Josh Wall and Josh Bell? Bell played very well in the GCL, i was hoping for Columbus for him this year but there has been no word on either of the two.

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