Home run records

David Vincent, who does tons of statistical research for the Dodgers simply because he loves the game of baseball, wrote an op-ed piece in today’s USA Today about why home runs have increased in baseball over the years.

It’s an interesting take…


Nice article. By the way, how did Bill Mueller’s knee operation go ?? It’s good see Oscar Robles back, he’s a real gamer !! I might suggest you get Cesar to spend some time at 3rd base while he’s in Las Vegas, couldn’t hurt !!

I think that it is a very short sited article. It is trying to say Steriods has had a very small effect on Baseball which is just not true.
The arguement where it states that steriods have never been proven to improve to player chance to hit a home run physically is a good one. In a game measured by inches it once again comes down to the 5 inches between the ears.

If you watch Barry Bonds between 93-99 (when he first came to the Giants) you will see a player with a completly different plate approach. Then look at some of his ABs from 01-03 and you can see him with a batting practice approach to hitting. He was no longer looking for the best to hit, he was looking for the best pitch to hit out.

Baseball is a sport where an all-star player who hit .350 the season before will look to change their swing because the 65% of the time they did not get a hit. A player outlook is that 25 more hits a season can mean millions. And being the sport least likely for it’s athletes to have completed college what else do they have?

I believe that if you gave a player a placebo and called it steriods it would come out nearly simular. They would hit the weights, get stronger and perform to simular levels. Remember this is a game of inches.

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