Mueller to have surgery

As I continue to try and make this the place to go to get news first, I’m bummed to inform you that Bill Mueller will undergo arthroscopic surgery on Monday in Phoenix. If all goes as expected, the prognosis is 4-6 weeks for recovery time.

Also, Brad Penny is having a precautionary MRI on his back right now, but everyone is hoping it’s nothing serious.

Otherwise, it’s a nice day by the Bay and the vibe in the clubhouse is positive, which is to be expected, given that we’ve won six out of seven.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy some cool memorabilia and support a good cause at the same time, check out the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s online auction.


It’s a good thing we have guys like Aybar than can step up, So I guess we’re gonna get a good eye full of Aybar to see if he’s the real deal.

I guess playing hurt can affect how well you play. It’ll be disappointing to see him out, but nice to see Aybar in. Hope he recovers just fine.

Please at least for now use either broxton or saito as the closer. baez needs to take a lesser position or how about grady taking him out when it is obvious that he does not have anything that day. Pedro Martinez anyone?

I’m totally in agreement with your suggestion, cosmo. Losing two games and blowing 5 saves in 14 chances has got to be about the worst performance in the major leagues this year. I think the Devil Rays knew what they were doing when they unloaded Baez.

We tried Aybar last year, and were in fourth place. Where is the super prospect Andy Laroche ( AAA ) ? Mueller was supposed to be keeping 3b warm for him anyways. Why bother with Aybar, he is not the future.

We tried Aybar in September and he batted .326, walked more than he struck out, and made 2 errors. Not bad in my book.

I was looking around and saw a young starter down in the Dodgers sysem in high A named Alberto Bastardo. He pitched 7 innings of one-hit ball in his first start for Vero. What else can you tell me about him?

I remember some guy on the boards last week wanting to see Aybar on the big club. Well, be careful what you wish for Pats… you might just get it! Let’s hope this works out well for the club. And oh yeah, what about LaRoche?

Also, how about using Odalis Perez in the closer’s role? I know that this may sound crazy, but it might be just what the team needs right about now. Look what John Smoltz did with the Braves from ’02 through ’04… it helped ressurect his career. Maybe Perez could use the closers’ role as a point of focus in getting himself right again. He seems to have the good stuff early on in his starts, so maybe coming in for an inning or two at the end of a game might help both him and the team. Any thoughts, besides the fact that I’m probably insane for even suggesting this? lol…

Mueller’s too good a player to fall off like he has recently.

What would the closer role do?Perez, should he be successful filling in there, would likely get an ego boost, especially should Grady declare a definite return to the rotation when Gagne returns (because obviously he’d need more rest for a start). I’d talk about the worst that could happen, but Baez has already blown more saves than Gagne ever has in a year. Even though Broxton has more of the right stuff, Odalis might be a good go-to guy.

Baez is no closer and Grady keeps giving away games. Why he didn’t bring in Broxton when he saw Baez stink is beyond me. Considering the results Broxton couldn’t have been any worse.

“why bother with aybar”? how about because he’s actually good.

trying aybar last year and being in 4th place have absolutely zero correlation, because he played extremely well for us last year.

laroche is still in AA and has been struggling, by the way.

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