All-Star Balloting…remember last year?

I had intended to post a blog about the start of All-Star balloting on Friday, but given the day’s events, I thought it was inappropriate. While it still pales in comparison to what happened to Steve Howe, I did want to let our fans know that the online voting has begun for this year and much like the past few years, will likely determine how many Dodgers make it to the All-Star game in 2006.

As many of you may remember, last year it was you guys that helped get Cesar Izturis the recognition he deserved and his first selection to the All-Star Game. When balloting results first came out, he was in sixth place among National League shortstops despite have some of the league’s best numbers for any player, let alone those at his position.

We reached out to Dodger fans to help get Cesar to Detroit and sure enough, you turned out in droves, sparking a national (and believe it or not, international) outpouring of support. Stories ran all around the U.S. and Venezuela and before long, Cesar was on top of the voting. Though he wound up finishing second overall, the ensuing coverage was just what he needed for his peers around the league to see the injustice and vote to send him to the All-Star Game along with Jeff Kent, who was voted as a starter by the fans.

Every vote really does count. Tell your friends, family and the people in the online community to take a few minutes and use their 25 votes to help support the Dodgers.  It’s about fan pride and showing the rest of the world that, as Tommy Lasorda says, "the Dodgers have the greatest fans in all of baseball."


Repko has to be a write-in vote, but with his all-around numbers, and the way the guy plays hard, I voted for him. Hey, he’s got as many RBI as Jeff Kent, ties the team lead for stolen bases, and leads the team in BA excluding Sandy Alomar.

Each person has up to 1,250 votes, actually, because each person can vote up to 25 times, and there are two leagues.

… or not. But the number’s actually pretty large, anyway.

Return the voting to the players, managers and coaches only. I hate this popularity contest where fans vote after only three weeks of play. What a joke!

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