Today's lineup

Haven’t been able to get you much more than a lineup the last couple days. It’s been busy, but I’ll post more during the week.

For today, we’ve got:

Furcal, SS

Repko, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Saenz, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Ledee, LF

Navarro, C

Tomko, P


I’ll tell you, I am relieved to see Nomar out of the lineup. He was a gaping hole last night! This is ridiculous. I don’t even know why I follow the Dodgers. It’s like they’re trying to lose.

What do you mean, Nomar was a gaping hole? Unable to see the game I rely on box scores and wrap ups. Those seemed to indicate he had a good evening.


He was being SARCASTIC. John is there something wrong with Nomar??

WHY!!! apparently having a good night now means getting rewarded with the bench.

Gotcha now. I expect they are taking it easy with Nomar and won’t go full tilt for some time. Probably wise. I too certainly hope he didn’t tweak something else. That may be evident today if he is called upon to pinch hit. We have all been looking for Repko and Saenz to get more playing time so I guess it will balance out for us.

So nothing was wrong with Nomar right?

Next stop: Houston. This should be a good test of Grady Little’s memory, managing against Andy Pettite.

And he’s a lefty. So I would expect some lineup alterations as a result.

Furcal, Kent and Cruz have been slumping as of late, but they should pick up. If Mueller, Repko and Drew keep up, though, their offense could carry this Dodger team.

“The pitchers aren’t allowing the catchers enough time, the majority of the time,” Little said.
– LA Times

Grady Little’s evaluation on the Dodgers’ inability to throw batters out no doubt stems from his own experience as a catcher. But the important thing is to fix it, because it would be really nice if they could catch a thief. That might mean an alternate windup for Jae Seo.

nice to see repko finally in the starting lineup. wish we could see more of it, all the guy does is produce. lofton would be a great pinch runner off the bench, but isn’t an everyday player anymore.

Yes, I read Grady’s comments in the LA Times’ article this morning. While I truly believe he knows what he’s talking about, it is certainly no surprize to the rest of the baseball world that stealing against the Dodgers is like taking candy from a baby. Until the baby is weilding a .357 magnum at his would be thiefs, it will continue to remain the status quo within the league.

Rick Honeycutt needs to take responsibility for his pitchers’ inability to hold baserunners more effectively. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Honeycutt have issues with this very thing himself when he played? If that’s the case, then how in the world is he going to fix this? Guys have been stealing bases without even a throw down to second. Clearly this is a fault of the pitcher taking too much time to deliver the ball. Definitely this is a situation that needs addressing quickly before it gets worse.

Anyone got a .357 they can loan Navarro? ; )

Just back from LA where a group of 40 kids from Boston were allowed to sing the anthem before last Wednesday’s game vs. the Cubs. Tip of the hat to Frank McCourt for the way he treated the group, and to Dusty Baker for spending time with them. Amazingly, DLowe (despite the kids telling him where they’re from and how much they missed him) walked right by during BP and into the dugout to use his cellphone. Great guy…

Check this out…

“Ross started two games for Los Angeles. He hit a grand slam and a three-run homer during a 13-5 victory over Pittsburgh on April 16, and was designated for assignment the next day.”

Good Luck man…

Yes, it is not overstatement to say the basestealing thing is a joke. How can you spend six weeks in spring training with an army of pitching instructors (including Sandy Koufax)and just
discover now that pitchers are not holding the runners!?!

And while were at it, why can’t pitchers work on their hitting/bunting on their four off days between starts?

And finally, re Ross, wish him well with the Reds, but doesn’t seem they are always overstocked with outfielders and looking to trade theirs for pitching?

you said >>walked right by during BP and into the dugout to use his cellphone. Great guy…<<

bro! maybe it was his ex!! that comment you made was uncalled for.

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