Now that's what I'm talking about…

Nomar is back and the lineup that was supposed to come out on Opening Day is playing tonight for the first time:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Cruz, LF

Navarro, C

Seo, P


Let the season begin. Pieces in place. Up to the pitchers now to get their games in order. Certainly starting to go better. Anxious to see what Nomar brings to the team. Also hope Furcal is soon 100% so can steal more bases.

That’s more like it! (I like this line up)

Are the Dodgers considering Repko for the left field job more regularly, given that his offense is the best all-around on the team (.340BA, 2HR, 9RBI, 5SB)?

The 7-spot in the lineup would be good for him, since he can hit for power if anyone’s on, or be a speedster ahead of Navarro.

There’s a lot to look forward to for LA.

Nomar doesn’t tend to walk, or strike out, too terribly often. But the Dodgers could use someone who can put the ball in play more, as a single can drive in a runner from second, whereas a walk can return the force at 2nd and 3rd.

Speaking of walking, the Dodgers have done that a lot so far. In fact, here’s the OBP-BA of each starter, in descending order:








I can now see the Dodgers no better off than they were last year. I am sorry,but they are bad once again. I have been a Dodger faithful for 40 years,and ashamed to think this way,but,man,they can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag. The pitching is pathetic,mid relief is killing them,along with their closers. Why isnt repko playing instead of Cruz,and Sandy catching,batting .476,instead of Nav,who cant swing a bat to save his life. I am not a happy camper seeing the way the year is starting out,since there was such high hopes,and big bucks spent for over payed player. Hope I havent offended anyone in here,but just be honest with yourself,its gonna be a long year once again. And you know what, I hope I am wrong and look like a total idiot,but that means they have turned it around,and that would be worth it to me.. Come back Isturis,we need ya…..

“I can now see the Dodgers no better off than they were last year.”

Untrue, grnaugen. First of all, the Dodgers are in a situation where instead of losing players to injury at this time, the players are coming off the DL, and more are coming. Izturis and Gagne will contribute too.

The pitching has been solid after a shaky opening. Danys Baez, Odalis Perez, Brad Penny, and Takashi Saito have been great for LA. Few of the pitchers truly look bad out there.

Defense has been a problem, though, as two losses can be explained by errors (Kent’s kickball in the opener and Repko’s throw gone ’round the world against the Cubs).

The season will get better for the Blue Team as it progresses, especially with top prospects waiting to come up from AAA.

Great performance by Nomar, bad job by Jae Soo. Visit for more on the Jae Soo disaster.

And for this we gave up Duaner Sanchez??? Seo was giving up hits like a rookie pitcher. DJ Houlton did a fine job last year as the number five man. I’m suprised he wasn’t given a chance before Seo was signed and we’d not be worrying about having a quality set-up man or a second closer in Sanchez to Baez. Oh well… I hope the pitching comes together really soon, because we can’t be giving away runs that easily and still intend to win the game.

Nomar looked solid… hope he stays healthy and can contribute.

Seo needs to get his confidence up, as from my understanding, he’s basically on or off, largely due to his confidence. Maybe use him in the bullpen for a couple weeks, give Kuo an experimental start, and then let him pitch against a team that’s slumping. The fact that his best appearance resulted in his first loss couldn’t have helped the guy out much.

More pressingly, why did the Dodgers only swing the bat once in the 9th inning?

Just a thought, though: Grady Little might want to put Nomar in the 3-hole, since he will actually swing, which will generally do more to advance the runner.

As a long-time Dodger fan on the east coast, you need to know the New York press was killing the Mets all winter long for trading Seo. Esp after trading Benson to the Orioles.

For a 4-6 week periord last season he was their best pitcher with a great ERA.

And yes, he looked that good in the WBC. What happened?

Maybe too soon to tell, but I don’t blame the Dodgers for making the trade and at worst he will be servicable in the bullpen and might have more impact on the staff than


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