Nomar update – Roy Smith

Just a short note from Fresno where I am watching the Las Vegas club this week. Nomar Garciaparra played his first rehab game last night. He led off, playing first base and hit the first pitch of the game to right center for a double. His second at-bat he also lined the first pitch for a single. He later grounded to short. In all, Nomar played five innings and looked like the Nomar of old. Tonight he will play nine innings.


great news thanks for the update.

Any thoughts on when Braxton and or Billingsly might get called up? I understand the dodgers dont want to rush these guys, looks like Braxton is ripping up AAA. Also, random thought-turning a decent hitting gold glove SS into an OF doesnt make and sense to me…..

It’s Broxton, not Braxton.

Anyways, Mr. Roy Smith, i was wondering if you can give us fans some insight on the organization’s philosophy when it comes to hitting? What do you value the most with our young hitters and what do they must do at the plate before they get called up to the next level?

Specifically, is plate discipline held in high regard for our hitters to work on? Pitch recognition, k:bb ratio, k/PA ratio, patience at the plate- are these things preached by minor league instructors at each level in the Dodger system?

Thanks in advance.

Waiting anxiously for Nomar to get into the lineup. I think he is a hard working player and good team player. Hope his injury doesn’t become a nagging one. Good question about hitting philosopy. There are circumstances where a team reflected the ideas of the hitting or pitching coaches. e.g. Leo Mazzone in Atlanta, Charlie Lau in KC and with WSox. It would be nice to know if there is a Dodger system philosophy taught at all levels from Rookie through the majors which will become known as Dodger baseball.

It’s good to see that Nomar Hamm is on his way back to the Dodgers. I can only hope that he can hold up physically until Cesar Izturis is ready to come back, moving Izzy to Second, Kent to first, and NOmar to the unemployment line. In any case, visit to keep up with the SoCal Sports Scene.

npurcell just made me wonder, who is teaching the kid Russell Martin how to catch THE PROPER WAY? I say that because Navarro’s all-around defense is kinda shaky. I hope we have a GOOD QUALITY guy teaching this gem we call Russell Martin how it’s REALLY DONE.

is it just me, but how can nomar miss three + weeks of the season, play five innings one night, hopefully nine tonight and be ready to play in the majors on sat?!?

what about a week or at least five games with las vegas?

and yes, the easiet and most likely scenario is for nomar to blow out another body part

by june, allowing izzy to take 2nd and kent to move to first..

just not sure where izzy would bat? seventh or maybe even eight.

It will be interesting to see where Nomar will be in the lineup and what affect that will have on the hitters around him. Lets hope he can still be the stick he once was.

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