Mr. Cub

For those who heard the rumor out there yesterday, I figured I should clear up the whole Ernie Banks thing. On Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium, the Cubs turned a double play early in the game and I heard cheering coming from the back of the press box. When I looked over, I saw four people that I didn’t recognize and so I went over to explain to them that this is a working press box and that people should not be cheering in there. This is a rule enforced at press boxes around the country by every PR director in the league.

Of course, when I got there, I noticed that sitting next to the four gentlemen was Ernie Banks, the Hall of Fame Cubs’ shortstop. He was not in my sight from my seat in the press box, but once I realized it was him, I immediately told him that while people aren’t supposed to cheer in the press box, of course he could feel free to root for his Cubbies. Being in the 500-home run club does have its privileges.

But, being the classy guy that he is, Ernie and his friends decided to stop cheering and I guess people thought that meant I had told him to "stuff it." At least, that’s what sports talk radio was saying yesterday afternoon when I got several calls and emails from people asking why I had told Ernie Banks he couldn’t root for the Cubs.  The report came from our friend Ben Maller, who was sitting nearby in the press box and wrote about it for his sports blog, tongue-in-cheek.

And so the story goes…but, it’s safe to say that I won’t be throwing any Hall of Famers out of the press box anytime soon.



That sounds like a tough day at the office! 😉 I am enjoying the Blog and get som laughs from the comments I read, not to mention the warm buzz of being part of a community of Doger Fans. Any news on the suspension of our relief pitcher? It doesn’t seem like a batter with as much armour as BB wears would even get a free pass if he gets hit. (no, I have not been hit by a pitch at any level of baseball)and for sure our pitcher should not get tossed from the game.

Spelling counts! Dodger Fans! what is this preview button?

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