Off day at Dodger Stadium

There was an interesting article today in the Daily News about the Dodgers’ Think Blue Rewards program, which is basically like a frequent flier program for an airline, only now you get points for going to Dodger games, purchasing items at local stores in Los Angeles and much more. We invited a few different reporters to Dodger Stadium so they could take batting practice, which is one of the prizes you can redeem your points for if you’re a member of the program.

Well, we wound up using one of our season ticket account executives to throw BP and he drilled T.J. Simers three times. I wish I had been there to see it, but alas, I was busy in the office. From what I heard, though, T.J. actually hit pretty well and by the time I saw him, he was trying to convince Grady that he belonged in the starting lineup.

Meanwhile, it’s an offday at Dodger Stadium so most of us are here trying to catch up on the things that never get done during a homestand. I can finally see my desk!

If you’re itching to hear Nomar’s rehab start you can now do that online.

Otherwise, take a night off and let’s get back to baseball tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend against the Diamondbacks.


is there any new information on cody ross? and josh i heard you didnt allow ernie banks celebrate at the dodger stadium press box.. to me thats just ridiculous

Man that’s cool! (being able to take BP at DS)

I was listing to the game & last I heard he was 2 for 2.

Speaking of returns, I saw the LA Times has an article today on Izturis. That led me to the following questions:

1) Has the depth the outfield has shown thus far convined management otherwise with regard to the need for a superutilityman?

With Repko breaking out as he has this year and demonstrating that he has an arm and a half, would it really be necessary for another outfielder? If Drew is to have 30 days off this year and Lofton should get about 50 (and we’ll say a dozen for Cruz for good measure), would it be that unthinkable to think that Repko could play 92 games? After all, his orbital throw was after 5 days of not being in the field, which with a young enough player can make an impact, and giving him more playing time would help (maybe even bring him out of the bullpen).

In addition, Andre Ethier and Joel Guzman are in AAA waiting to come up.

2) Is it all about the money?

Alfonso Soriano is the biggest paycheck for the Washington Nationals, and he made the move. JD Drew was fine with Lofton coming in and with Repko playing center, noting that he made enough money not to be picky. In one of the most comparable situations, Alex Rodriguez shifted over to third while Derek Jeter remained at shortstop.

3) Has Ned Colletti seen Izturis play short?

The fact of the matter is, Cesar is the best defensive infielder the Dodgers have, and Furcal’s fielding percentage numbers show that he’s has not only the comparative but the absolute advantage at 2nd base. Also, Chone Figgins plays everywhere because the Angels need him as a leadoff man. Furcal just seems better suited to that role.

Out of curiousity, how well do the Dodgers’ shortstops get along with each other? I think that will also play a role in what the team can do.

“After all, his orbital throw was after 5 days of not being in the field…”

Yes… that was quite the throw, wasn’t it? Dude drilled the top of the backstop on a line throw from the middle of left field! The runner would have been out if the throw was on line… no doubt in my mind.

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