Today's lineup

Kent is, in fact, back in the lineup. And right now, he’s on a mountain just beyond Dodger Stadium, where he’s taking a cover photo for the upcoming Dodgers Magazine. Out of curiosity, do any of you guys read Dodgers Magazine (the game program) and what are your thoughts?

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ledee, LF

Mueller, 3B

Loney, 1B

Navarro, C

Lowe P


I sure do! The program’s a place to get inside information on players. (Plus, since the guys don’t wear their names on their jerseys, the program can tell fans Who’s on First!)

Didn’t Walter O’Malley resist putting the names on the jerseys because people bought more programs? Not that I’m implying anything. . .

I’m happy to see Ledee in the lineup. I don’t think he’s a downgrade from Cruz, if at all.

Not at all, and I’d say that Cruz was due for a day off anyway. He’s played in every game, his only break was being a pinch hitter in the second game of the Pittsburgh series. Cruz has been especially good in the 2-spot, though, so I’d like to see if Grady would work him in and move Lofton at all. Maybe if Furcal has a day off.

Repko still isn’t in the lineup. This is ridiculous. Repko and Ross led this team the first two weeks of the season. I’m sorry, I think it is time to admit that Lofton isn’t what he once was.

I absolutely love the Dodgers magazine! In fact I would like to see the magazine available for home delivery. Forget Sports Illustrated, I need a magazine dedicated to just the dodgers, delivered to my door! Whenever I get a chance to make it to a game, the program is the first thing I buy (next is a ten dollar beer). But since I can’t make every homestand, having every issue of a magazine dedicated to the GREATEST team in all of baseball, would be the next best thing. I hope you can mention this to the right people for me, and all Dodger fans. Thanks, and GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

Jason, sorry to see Cody go. What really happened is a hot bat and dedicated young ballplayer will do great with another team and come back to haunt the DODGERS!!!!!

ps if he stays with a National league team.

Why the heck is Ricky Ledee in the lineup ahead of Jason Repko??? Repko is listed ahead of Ledee on the depth chart, and in each of the three outfield positions… some depth chart that is. I know it’s subjective to Grady’s decisions, but how on Earth can we be keeping Repko out of the lineup when we’re resting Jose Cruz??? Way to go skipper.

As for Dodger Magazine… is there a way for out of towners like myself to buy copies of the magazine? If I remember correctly, the only thing that changed in the magazine each month was the visiting team rosters… or do they change the articles more often than once each month now? Anyway, I’d be interested in learning how to obtain some. Thanks.

Good Point about Repko. I would much rather have him in the lineup than Ledee. Maybe Grady wants to see what he can do still.

Mueller in the 6th spot again… of course

Kinda weird to put ur most consistent productinve hitter that low in the lineup w/ no protection. Oh Well, maybe JD Drew will actually get an RBI today.

“Oh Well, maybe JD Drew will actually get an RBI today.”

That was a great piece of hitting by Drew to go the other way on Zambrano. 1-0 Dodgers at the end of five.

Nobody has come up w/ more opportunites to drive in runners than JD Drew. He rarely does.

That being said, I hope JD will start bangin em in w/ some regularity so that I dont have to complain

OMG I take it all back, GJ DREW winning RBI!!!

Nope… you can’t take it back. Just look up a few posts. It’s still there. He he… JD Drew is looking better this year. No slow start. This is good.

Who’s GJ? Is he related? ; )

GJ – Good Job

LOL, Great Job by Lofton too getting that clutch walk and SB. What a great game.

Last night’s game was about a 40 year old pitching like crazy. Tonight was a 39 year old who can still run the bases. Following the trend, Jeff Kent will explode offensively tomorrow, and Jason Repko will have a big game in 2 weeks.

But this is more like Dodger baseball: 2-1.

Kenny Lofton was an example here of not only coming back in the clutch, but coming back properly from an injury. He is a speed man offensively and defensively, and clearly his legs are not a problem. Had he not fully recovered, though, we would be 6-9.

i wish i could get the dodger magazine out here in Hawaii. i remember getting something called “LineDrives” mailed to me a few times. Is that still printed? As for all the questions about Repko, I have to agree, where is he? Is it just a coincidence that our hitting went into the tank when Repko/Ross/Saenz went back to the bench? i think not.

great tean win, esp for drew and lofton to come up big at home.

so please pardon the rant on the inability to throw any runners out. alomar 0-8 and navaro now 0-7.

i thought dioner was “baby pudge” but i don’t see it in his footwork or his arm and certainly not his accuracy esp last year when the ball was sailing on him…

if they really can’t or don’t want to hold runners, why didn’t they pursue piazza for a one-year contract. he wouldn’t have thrown out anyone, but at least he would have been a bat in the six hole.

Yeah… they have been very patient with Navarro, haven’t they. They basically gave him the job after struggling through Spring Training. I’m hoping that Russell Martin isn’t that far off from being the man behind the plate here soon.

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