Today's lineup

We called up Oscar Robles today and designated Cody Ross for assignment. Obviously it’s tough to see Cody go, but with Jeff Kent out of the lineup, it was clear that there was a need for another infielder.

The good news is, Jeff’s eye exam came back fine, but he’s still got some soreness and a headache, so he’s out of the lineup today. He’s going to be reevaluated by Dr. Mellman in a little while, but it looks like he’s doing okay. In fact, he even had some playful banter with T.J. Simers, so it’s safe to say that his sense of humor is still intact.

As for Cody, I got a chance to catch up with him before he left and he’s in good spirits. He knows that this was just a situation of too many good outfielders and that it could mean a better opportunity for him elsewhere.

Today we have:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Cruz, LF

Drew, RF

Saenz, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Robles, 2B

Navarro, C

Tomko, P


Today was a beautiful spring day. The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, I think I’m in love with someone… yet I can’t seem to escape this putrid feeling that is sticking in my gut.

Such it is when the Dodgers drop two of three against the Giants… today life *****.

Such it is when the Dodgers drop two of three against the Giants… today life stinks.

Goodbye Cody Ross!! Good luck wherever it is that you land! Make the Dodgers dread the fact they ever let you go.

Letting useful players go for practically nothing seems to be one of the main pillars of action for the Colletti tenure.

I hope these are just isolated conicidences and not some sort of disturbing trend.

But you know the old cliche, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck, it is well… a duck.

Please, someone tell Grady Little- Get Mueller out of the 6 spot. He is the only guy who is delivering w/ men on base. He is so low in the lineup that teams are just pitching around him! Please, PLEASE Grady- Get ur head out of ur tuckus.

Cody Ross- We made a mistake…agian

I want Jim Tracy back 😦

This is unbelievable. The Red Sox were onto something when they FIRED Little. Oh look its the sixth inning and the Dodgers have 1 run and 3 hits. I agree I want Jim Tracy back. Kenny Lofton has one hit this season, Jose Cruz is beginning his annual slump, Jason Repko is on the bench and you just let the hottest hitter on the team go. Somethings wrong here!

Today we learn that Greg Maddux throws strikes.

Of the six strikeouts by the Dodgers through 8 innings, only one of them has been swinging. This doesn’t even take a scouting report to figure out that Maddux doesn’t walk people; the guy once threw a complete game in 69 pitches. And he came into the game 2-0 with an ERA under 2. The Dodgers should have seen it coming, and swung.

Is there something wrong with the video system in the Dodger clubhouse? I thought they just showed the opposing starter right before the game, or did they scrap that?

I was surprised that Loney didn’t start, considering how Grady likes to exploit the lefty-righty thing, although I guess Saenz had been showing more power, and compensating for Kent’s absence was in consideration.

I will applaud Osoria for the damage control he did. Three perfect innings against that offense is great. Also, neither Lee nor Ramirez got a hit.

And for this club lacking in power, once again no walks means no win, although it helps if the pitcher throws outside the strike zone.

When did LA become New York?

It is amazing how many well tuned baseball minds we have in this city. How many people know more than everybody else.

I am really sorry to see Cody Ross go. He might and just remember that, might be a great major leaguer. But then again there has been many players who have opened the season on a tear and been in the minors by Memorial Day. Baseball History is full of them. I wish Cody the best but as I said on this blog before it was him or Repko that was never in question.

Regarding all the people who miss Jim Tracy. You would have never of seen any of these young players last year. How short our memories are. Jim Tracy always stayed with the veterans until injuries forced him otherwise.

All I know is this: If these young kids were playing and making mistakes the same people would be complaining. Lets try this: Give this team a chance, cheer for it, and come July 4th if it still stinks I will be leading the complaints. Just remember last year we started 12-2 and the Astros had one of the worse records in baseball at the end of May and to think how that turned out.

That is true, because come May, we will have more people exiting the DL than entering. And I also like Jason Repko, and hope to see more of him.

I’ve got tickets to the Friday game at the end of May when the Dodgers are in RFK, and I’m looking forward to it myself. Nomar and Cesar will be back, Hail Cesar, and Gagne will be well on his way to recovering.

For now, Zambrano throws as many strikes as Maddux in 20 more pitches, so the Dodgers should see a few more walks. And with Lowe getting progressively better and Penny just pitching incredibly well, let’s shoot for 8-8.

Jim Tracy did one thing very well. He put players in the positions to excel. It doesnt take a genius to realize that Mueller is top 10 in NL batting average, and that he has the most RBI on the team, plus some power (2hr). Look at tonight, he had the only RBI. Im not really complaining, Im just advising whoever writes this blog to knock some sense into the good ol’ boy Little. Mueller should be batting 3rd. JD Drew NEVER delivers w/ men on base. He should be in the 5th of 6th spot.

You can’t fault us fans for being frustrated when u GIVE AWAY Cody Ross and Hee seop Choi. I mean, what did Cody have to do? He had a torrid spring, and delivered nearly every single time that he was asked this season. If batting 500 and having the second most RBIs and tied for most hr with 1/10 as many ABs as the rest of the team isn’t enough then WHAT IS? We should have at least gotten something in return for these players.

I told my dad tonight, and I mean it, if they trade Cesar Izturis, I will seriously consider becoming an Angels fan. Between last year and the start of this year, I am disgusted. Cesar is the best SS in the NL.

Arte Moreno is a way better owner than McCourt, and Scosia is a WAY better manager than Little.

Please, some1 do something…

How ironic would it be if the Pirates pick up Ross? I am waiting for it.

I for one do not want Jim Tracy back… his handling of the starting pitching last year was atrocious. But I do think that Little needs to get in a groove of his own by shaking things up a bit for tomorrow’s lineup. Don’t do the same thing over and over again if it ‘ain’t’ working. This team is much better than it is showing. I still think the Lofton deal was a bit overkill with all the talent that’s in the organization. Cody Ross had presence. Too bad, so sad. I’ll never be an Angels fan… no matter how bad it gets.

Maybe I over reacted, it’s a long season. I have been a Dodger fan since I was in my momma’s belly. I love Vin Scully, and I like the moves Ned Colletii made in the offseason. I will stay positive and hope it works out. (please god don’t trade Izzy)

I was just joking, I would never become an Angels fan 🙂

“Cesar is the best SS in the NL.”

Then let it be resolved that those who feel that the team should not abandon Izturis put “Hail Cesar” somewhere in their post.

To those who want to make a visible statement, when he returns to the lineup, I would urge all those who are in LA to wear a toga to the game (obviously wear something underneath it). If not that game, then at least the first game broadcast on TV after he’s back.

I still like Furcal, though. He’s off to a rough start all around, but keep in mind he’s the most recent player to turn an unassisted triple play. I can’t wait to see him break his slump.

Ross was liked by the Dodger players! Little liked Ross, the fans liked Ross, the hitting coached loved Ross, who was the brilliant number one person that said “LET ROSS GO” Hey, he was hitting lefties and righties what an asset- After the Pirate series Ross was all over the air-ways- he was the talk of the nation-how was he rewarded-he got to pinch hit the Giant series. These brilliant office manangers just did CODY ROSS a big favor-he’ll get to go off somewhere and get to play everyday and I’m going with him.

That’s great. Let Ross go and bring in the 250 triple A hitting Robles. This is starting to look like last years team!!!!!

For the record, that second HR that Ross hit against the Pirates was 440ft, It was no fluke. He has a tremndous swing.

Hail Cesar! I actually read something where they said they may put Cesar in the OF… What are you smoking Grady? Probably some good stuff.

The new Dodger chant-

Hail Cesar! Hail Cesar!

I started getting worried in Spring Training, when the Doders were winning games with their kids, then started
losing with the veterns. Cody

Ross was doing very well, to lose him hurts. Maybe siging Lofton was a mistake. Playing Repko more and keeping Ross

would have better than signing

LOfton. If we are going to lose, why not bring up more of the kids

Give me a break. You people are so fickle. Izturis is not that great. Last year he hit .257 in 444 AB. That stinks. In 2003 he hit .251 in 558 AB. That stinks. In 2002 Izturis hit .232 in 439 AB. That stinks. What do you think is sooo great abot Cesar. He had one good year and all of a sudden you think he is the best SS in the NL. Furcal has a career batting average of .283. So Frucal’s career avg. is about the same as Izturis had in his best year (.288 i 2004) So who is better. Hands down its Furcal. What about Jimmy Rollins, Edgar Renteria, Omar Vizquel, David Eckstein, and Jose Reyes. I’d take Clint Barmes and Khalil Green over Izturis. The only way you can say “Hail Cesar” is if you know nothing about baseball. And let’s look at Hee Seop Choi’s numbers a minute. Last year he hit .250 with 15 HRs in 320 AB. He has a career .240 avg. Maybe the Dodgers problem is that they have stupid fans that fall in love with no talent players. Last year Robles hit .272 with 31 walks and only 33 strikeouts. He is not a good player, but those numbers were better than Izturis. You people are pathetic to whine about Choi and Izturis sooo much.

Im sorry ur so angry Punk4God. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

I have been a Dodgers fan from the time period prior to Garvey/Lopes/Russell/Cey. Claude Osteen was my first favorite Dodger.
This is my first comment on this blog. I am disappointed with the last few years in general. The moves of the GM’s have been very haphazard. I think Tracy and Little both have been trying to work with what they have been given.

Let’s face it, the starting pitching has been in general atrocious. Relief pitching has been hit and miss as well. Until those areas are fixed we will have mediocre teams at best.

Lastly, I believe losing Ross will be a big mistake.

All this said… “GO DODGERS”!!!

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