Today's lineup and UFC

Today’s lineup is the same as yesterday’s (see below), with Seo in place of Perez.

Also, Brad Penny called me an hour ago and said that his friend, Tim Sylvia who just won the Ultimate Fighting Championship title was going to be at the game today, so we’re going to have him throw out the first pitch, in case that makes you want to come to tonight’s game (you never know).

A lot of the players are into this UFC gig…Alomar works with the trainer for Andrei Arlavski and Jayson Werth is buddies with another one of the guys. Who knew this stuff was so popular?


Could someone explain the umpiring from this game? First of all, I can understand the balk call on Seo, as Loney was way off the base, but it looked like in the 8th that Worrell just stopped his pitching motion. What really got me, though, was that they could rule a pitch 1 headshot unintentional, when Hamulack missed too far inside, as he threw a called strike to Bonds on the first pitch. Am I just seeing things one way as a fan, or did the umpiring crew screw up?

And is Jeff Kent ok?

What really got me, though, was that they could rule a pitch 1 headshot unintentional, but that when Hamulack missed too far inside, as he threw a called strike to Bonds on the first pitch, he was ejected.

Blogging is hard.

Umps should just let them play the game!! I don’t like these rules! This is baseball for craying out loud!! LET THEM DO THERE THING!!

Josh -I know it might be just “blue skying” but if Dontrelle Willis was indeed available, do you think the Dodgers would be interested, and if so, how many prospects would it take – Billingsley, Guzman, et al?

Josh- I know this is close to the lineup that Little and the Dodgers planned on going with for the majority of the season, but after three nights of no offense and being shut down by a AAA pitcher don’t you think it is time for Little to put the kids (Repko and Ross) back in the lineup for that spark we had the first 10 games of the season. These guys are hot, it may not last all season but it couldn’t be any worse than the last three nights. The starting lineup only produced 2 hits last night (Ross had the 3rd in his only at bat, I know he made a baserunning mistake, but at least he was on base). I think both of these guys have the potential to be solid ball players. Ross has not had great career numbers, but his career has had alot of serious injuries. He was the Tigers minor league player of the year in 2003 and then they traded him after he blew out his knee (appears not to be bothering him). Do you think Ross doesn’t get the respect of being a legitimate prospect because he did not come up in the Dodger organization like Repko, Kemp, Guzman, etc.

Somewhere, Don Drysdale is rolling in his grave. The umps might as well just put a BP screen in front of the hitters… they’ve taken everything else away! If you look at the replays, Bonds just stood there, twisted inside ever so slightly, and let the ball hit him. The umpires should go back to school and learn how a pitcher is supposed to protect the plate by going inside. They are ruining the game!

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