Two lineups for the price of one

Here is today’s lineup in Anaheim and tomorrow’s Opening Day lineup:

Today: Furcal, SS; Cruz, RF; Ledee, LF; Saenz, DH; Garciaparra, 1B; Mueller, 3B; Ross, CF; Navarro, C; Sergio Garcia, 2B (Tomko, P)

On Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, we’ll send out:

Rafael Furcal, SS

Jose Cruz Jr. LF

J.D. Drew, RF

Jeff Kent, 2B

Nomar Garciaparra, 1B

Bill Mueller, 3B

Sandy Alomar Jr., C

Jason Repko, CF

Derek Lowe, P


I’m obviously dissapointed that Lofton had to go on the DL, but man do I love me some Jason Repko! The kid has a lot of talent.

hey josh or roy smith or someone, when will the dodgers announce the roster for the minor league teams? thanks in advance.

It’s exciting to be such a fan of this tremendous club. I know we can have a better year then last year!!!! The DODGERS will always try to win and bring a championship to L.A. Good Luck Blue!!!!

Just saw on ESPN that Nomar will not be in the starting line-up due to a strained rib muscle. Let’s hope it is not a prolonged injury and he will be back in the line-up soon.

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